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modafinil (generic name: Perindopril; trademark name: Aceon/ Acertil/ Armix/ Coverene/ Coverex/ Coversum/ Prestarium/ Prexanil/ Prexum/ Procaptan) is a long-acting angiotensin transforming enzyme (ACE) inhibitor.

modafinil can influence the accuracy of some tests.

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In patients with visual issues such as cataracts, frequent inflamed conditions of the eye, optic neuritis, and also diabetic retinopathy, the assessment of adjustments in aesthetic skill is harder, and treatment ought to be taken to be certain the variants in vision are not as a result of the underlying disease problems.

Do not utilize modafinil if you have renal illness, urination problems, intense liver illness, or high levels of potassium in your blood.

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